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June 2024 Art-a-thon winner

Adetola Abatan

Adetola Abatan is a collage artist, drummer, engineer, and public art project manager based in Seattle, WA. Her interests include creating and curating artwork that reframes history. Through her creative practices, she examines how art can be used to preserve collective identity and memory. Her work is currently on view in Meloy Gallery’s Collage Constellation which features local regional artists working in mixed media.

Instagram: @asouliloquy

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Breanna Bushaw
Breanna Bushaw
October 1, 2021.
If you are looking for a print service in West Seattle, I highly recommend Sky Printing. They have outstanding customer service and always complete orders quickly with wonderful quality work.
Valerie O'Mara
Valerie O'Mara
July 3, 2021.
Another great job by this group. Amazing customer service and quality. So helpful with printing ideas, as well. I recommend them with 100% satisfaction.
Nick Southcote
Nick Southcote
May 17, 2021.
I had a great experience with the folks at Sky Printing. I originally had called the UPS place regarding scanning some documents but it was outrageously expensive so I called Sky. They were able to give me a price over the phone and had tiered pricing (the more I have the less it would cost per page). The price was more than fair for the work done and it was completed very quickly. The staff treated me great. I will absolutely be using them again for anything copy/scan/print related in the future.
Alina Velasquez
Alina Velasquez
February 20, 2021.
Wonderful staff and quick service to take care of everything professionally!
Mary McClary
Mary McClary
February 17, 2021.
I am very pleased with the help I received. I had a painting done for my sister in Switzerland, it was quite the process so I wanted to keep a copy for myself. It was 12x16. So I brought it in to get a copy. They made me a copy and it turned out so nice!!! I’ll have it framed. He also made me and cropped postcard sizes, which are also super cute and amazing. It was such an important project for me and they did such a nice job. Now her painting is off to Switzerland and I will have a copy too! - Thankyou -M
Jonathan Saad
Jonathan Saad
February 6, 2021.
Very helpful and professional
Jeremy DePalma
Jeremy DePalma
December 16, 2020.
Excellent customer-service AND Excellent job quality, and fast and efficiently. *They even navigated around a file encryption/Locked file (within 4 or 5 min.) that took fed-ex kinko's an hour to unlock before......
Ben B
Ben B
December 12, 2020.
I've had many house remodel plans printed and the execution and customer service is the best with these people. Christmas cards too.

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