Our turnaround time is generally 24 hours, and we typically complete small to medium sized jobs well within that time frame.  However, we are a small business run by 4 employees.  Software disasters and material shortages are frequent, and we are usually very busy.  Therefore, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A SPECIFIC TURNAROUND TIME.  If you specify a deadline in the notes of your order, we’ll do our best to get it done within that time frame.  But we can’t guarantee it.

Please don’t.  We are a small business of four employees.  The more time we spend on the phone, the longer it will take to complete your job.  All orders are reviewed by a member of our staff immediately upon receiving the order, so there’s no need to call and confirm that your order has been received.  

By selecting Priority Rush, your job will be prioritized and move to the top of our work queue.  This does not necessarily mean “same day printing,” and it definitely doesn’t mean “instantaneous printing.”  It means that we will set other projects aside to work on your order, essentially making your order a priority.  Keep in mind that orders placed after 5pm Monday-Friday will be seen at 9am the following work day, and orders placed after 2pm on Saturdays will not be seen until 9am Monday.  Priority Turnaround is basically a “rush fee.” 

Premium Rush is a 2012 film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon, in which the protagonist (Gordon-Levitt) delivers packages on a fixed-gear bicycle until an evil police-officer (Shannon) tries to stop him for some reason.

We ship exclusively through USPS using priority 2-day flat-rate shipping for most orders (large format orders are a possible exception).  We do not offer expedited shipping through our shop page, but if you need faster shipping times, please email us at print@skyprinting.net.

We only print CMYK.  If your files are formatted in RGB, the printed colors may look different from the design.

Your files should use CMYK color and should be either PDF, JPG, or DOCX.  Your designs should be sized appropriately.

“Full Bleed” refers to color or other design elements that extend past the edge of the page of the design; when printed, a document with full bleed will have color that goes right to the edge of the page.  By default, our laser printers print with a .25 inch white margin.  

Yes, as long as your paper is made for laser-printers.

No, we have our own methods for “N-Upping” your designs.  We will always try to use the fewest number of sheets possible to offer you the best price.

Both!  Our main printers use laser printing, but our large-format printer uses inkjet printing.

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