perfect-bound books

8.5 x 11 and smaller

Please note: you are responsible for your own files.  If we see a discrepancy between your file and the particulars of your order, we will print it according to the form using our best judgement when necessary.  Because of the volume of work that our shop does and the turnaround times that our customers expect, it is very unlikely that we will follow up with you about issues in your file.  You should not submit your order if you aren’t confident in the print-readiness of your file.  To learn how to get your files print ready, please see this article.

Print perfect-bound books at Sky Printing in West Seattle!  “Perfect” binding is a special technique for booklet making that applies glue to the edges of the pages and the inside cover, creating a spine.  Perfect-bound books offer a very professional presentation for self-published books, work books, note books, marketing presentations, and even wedding gifts.  With a variety of different cover and “guts” (inner pages) material, Sky Printing can help you print the perfect perfect-bound book.

Please note that perfect binding is a time- and labor-intensive process.  Priority Rush is not available for perfect bound books.  Please allow at least 5 business days for the completion of your order.

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ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  We can’t cancel an order once the order has been submitted because, given the turnaround times that our customers have come to expect, it’s likely that the job has already been printed.

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